Mackerel Danube Fish became the fifth Romanian product officially recognized by the European Commission

Mackerel is a wild fish migrating from the Black Sea to the Danube.

The species can not be grown in aquaculture and is captured only during migration on the Danube. . It has 250-400 grams and 25-30 centimeters and is recognized as the world’s richest fish fat compared to its size.

The fat of the mackerel is so good that you can use it to prepare other specimens, tastes much fad. It is also surprisingly healthy and indicated in belts designed to improve blood circulation or reduce cholesterol.

The fat of this Danube fish is made up of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

If consumed in a cure, in combination with a blend of cold-pressed oils – corn germ oil, wheat germ, and armor, it helps to clean the fat on the blood vessels and thus improve heart function, and prevents myocardial infarction and stroke.

The secret of this miraculous fish is to change the metabolism as it enters the Black Sea saltwater into the freshwater of the Danube to deposit its eggs.

Mackerel fish should be consumed for 3 weeks, during which, besides the scrub, only vegetables and fruits are eaten for the intake of vitamins. Cure was recommended for people with type B diabetes, overweight, with heart problems.